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Again….I feel like someone has broken into my house. Or some thing. Perhaps a host of them…a flow of leaks…and which house? Have they taken anything? Maybe they left something…a trace.  Revenge burglary….watergate. The disorder seems familiar and untouched. There could be evidence anywhere. You draw a bodyline around the incorporeal intrusion…the border breach…the state […]


He was building a nest. Ran back to default he pulled together all that was said and done. This way he could re-enact it as it happened. Old streets, old morning streets… We were landlocked, not yet to take off downriver… It was a test of sorts.  Testing water…testing the defences… of what would happen […]

the crescent lull

she was fading….difficult memories…too tired to chase down these labyrinthine alleyways….you are a student of these things…she had come in so many forms…she was a leaf that lay in the grass, that dangled from a dried out branch….that floated downstream after the storm…collecting itself in a nook formed from ancient buttressings…she flew by him once, […]

adhering pages

he hung over the railings, sipping moisture from the river BRACK….inventing words for situations newly alive to him…strange roosts for his thoughts…nest islands sticking a place in the middle of the flow…disinterring obsolete forms… … Webster’s Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913 + 1828) ARTFL > Webster’s Dictionary > Searching for brack: Displaying 2 result(s) from the […]

visions and studies

elflock? these things must have a name..there are dust bunnies under the bed… snarl? snare? tangle? … coppice chic … in the waking states of old weird america he tested out keys and codes for accessing the sub-liminal…he was able to be “as if” in dreamland…when he slept and dreamed,  the codes became more apparent […]

The Link

Socialists seduced by the roulette wheel. They don’t understand why they are there. They are losing their rationale. A woman tells her friend not to drink the black enamel paint or tattooist’s bottle I had requested for myself. I had an unnatural yearning to smear myself in ink. Why were these people here? Was there […]


I was dreaming something up when you called. As if an interference appeared in my reception. I was thinking that life was illusion and rather than try to find or uncover the Real we have to participate in the illusion. Like a magic trick of conjuring one would awaken, realise, study, learn, practice and perform […]