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“under a sod”

“man does not get what he deserves but he gets what he resembles” Jaz Coleman – Killing Joke 1985 in the living room we switch on the bright main light….the carpet is crawling with black insects….too many to collect and dispose of before they a scurry away…it’s almost like they have developed a bite but […]


Again….I feel like someone has broken into my house. Or some thing. Perhaps a host of them…a flow of leaks…and which house? Have they taken anything? Maybe they left something…a trace.  Revenge burglary….watergate. The disorder seems familiar and untouched. There could be evidence anywhere. You draw a bodyline around the incorporeal intrusion…the border breach…the state […]


INVERSION NOTES When I use the term #Inversion on facebook I get a feed full of yoga positions. When I use the term I refer to an art process of inverting image to negatives and invoking new representations and leaking the bleed through from dreams. I like Foucault’s reference to Inversion and also its use […]