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“under a sod”

“man does not get what he deserves but he gets what he resembles” Jaz Coleman – Killing Joke 1985 in the living room we switch on the bright main light….the carpet is crawling with black insects….too many to collect and dispose of before they a scurry away…it’s almost like they have developed a bite but […]

adhering pages

he hung over the railings, sipping moisture from the river BRACK….inventing words for situations newly alive to him…strange roosts for his thoughts…nest islands sticking a place in the middle of the flow…disinterring obsolete forms… … Webster’s Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913 + 1828) ARTFL > Webster’s Dictionary > Searching for brack: Displaying 2 result(s) from the […]


Today’s sermon… monetizing the eschaton… “It’s just that demon life that’s got me in it’s SWAY.” …the FUTURE is a great concept. It was what we always called it. The SINGULARITY is different. It is a real alteration…a paradigm shift.  Beyond even that it’s a move into another MODE, where old tunes and their motifs […]


I was dreaming something up when you called. As if an interference appeared in my reception. I was thinking that life was illusion and rather than try to find or uncover the Real we have to participate in the illusion. Like a magic trick of conjuring one would awaken, realise, study, learn, practice and perform […]


Where in the cartography of the mind after the Northwest Passage? Reversing the reverie? Mapping the dream-time? “in 1493, a German illustrator, Hartmann Schedel, drew a native Australian with feet pointing backwards—hence the name Antipodes. ” “Huxley defines these “antipodes” of the mind as mental states that one may reach when one’s brain is disabled […]

more brilliant than the sun

“Everything was to be done. All the adventures are still there.” A Speculative Dialogue with Kodwo Eshun After reading Zizek quoting Chesterton saying that in trying ” to be some ten minutes in advance of the truth…I found that I was eighteen years behind it”, I remembered the turn of the millenium as I checked […]

electric eden and the phytosonic composters

I tried reading Rob Young’s Electric Eden before. Somehow it didn’t resonate. How could a writer from The Wire unearth Britain’s visionary music? Today I find myself casually dipping in and becoming utterly beguiled. It began with showing a friend a photo of the Incredible String Band from the book as I raved about how […]