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in situ

some boot shaped state…old factories delapidated behind overgrown evergreen hedging….here they make strange, disgusting meals…mobile snackbars… industrial carrion… i slipped out of the dream into a backlot for secret driving lessons…errant children run along the front like tropes…decoy devices…hooks…what answers the pantheistic spirit guides sing back to us in the carnage of our trade…crushed garbage […]

“under a sod”

“man does not get what he deserves but he gets what he resembles” Jaz Coleman – Killing Joke 1985 in the living room we switch on the bright main light….the carpet is crawling with black insects….too many to collect and dispose of before they a scurry away…it’s almost like they have developed a bite but […]

the sound of fluff on a needle

old mage and sages discuss whether to go by old age, boredom, or their own hand….they are shadows rippling on the wall of the Park…there is no need and they want none of it…asked to turn themselves over…like old boulders…revealing worlds…where dryness and dull drugs work in a delayed fashion… i hold the door of […]

AMaj9/E tuning

(or – where would I be without my phone?) “PHONE – A speech segment that possesses distinct physical or perceptual properties, considered as a physical event without regard to its place in the phonology of a language.” late night google map searches transmute the dreamscape…faint memories of squeezing skin to emulate moisture … an edge […]

spare us the cutter

…so you gave me old shoes after dropping me a piece of flint. I walked you out past the drowned out blackthorn. I heard your silence and your rustling wind in the trees by the cemetery…it couldn’t last in this vapid humanity. I saw your webs catch the sunlight on a plate for me, serving […]

The Beastly Administration of the Officer Class

The unknown pie. We worked on the shape, the ingredients. Teams laboured industriously in sequestered back rooms and basement warehouses of offices. Of course it looked like leisure time during breaks but this was effective production in down-time. All night TV sessions crammed into broom cupboards…the game never stopped. All this for backlog and admin. […]


He was building a nest. Ran back to default he pulled together all that was said and done. This way he could re-enact it as it happened. Old streets, old morning streets… We were landlocked, not yet to take off downriver… It was a test of sorts.  Testing water…testing the defences… of what would happen […]