Stewart Lee and Alan Moore


Pondering identity fluidity…the seeking of myths in a Brexit Culture … Vikings, Britons, Romans, druids, slaves.

Watching Stewart Lee tell Alan Moore about the spaces, in his performance and online presence, where he hears the Noise of the Room (a straight man), playing up to the response, becoming who the space wants, feeding it and feeding from it. Throwing meat into the cage, into the arena. The effects anything has on anything. Some responsibility.

Moore thinks there is no narrative, nothing cohesive to guide identity. It is evaporating in the bubbling fluidity and gaseousness of identity. This may be a good thing, but madmen roam these woods, interpreting signs, interpreters of Chaos. Fearful symmetries. ‘Rooms coalesce from State Black Ops Units, feeding back your performers tricks.

Lee speaks of social interfaces, where, his audience is at the school gates picking up kids, ( secretly, a magickal writer, he inserts riddles and codes into the most bland of places), He has to explain himself, to himself, and is echoed by the realisation that we have personal investments in what is enslaving us. As he has personal investment in telling us this, and as we have in reading and consuming it. State sanctioned culture in democracies. There’s nothing to see here, except, perhaps, what was THAT?

Once you know the (male) language, you see all the routines, the hinges, the pivots possibly. You see what IS NOT and relate as much as you do to what IS, for it couches these plays, these narratives, these fears told in stories by characters, who would disappear without their investment. And no one likes that IDEA.


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