(After the literary hour on Sunday radio.)

Traders, becoming raiders. Trade is a conversation through journeying and passage. Language is a trade in sound and meaning.

A translation….of histories written in the tongue of the dominant nations. The difference between a Scottish and English history. An aboriginal Australian perspective on an unknown history. European colonialism meant nothing, was invisible to them. Until it arrived in their bays. Did they sense it coming before it’s arrival?  A change in nature, in trade? The tribes of the Americas spoke the White Man into existence. Imagine being a defeated culture. A ghost culture…ghost history. Like the empty official spaces, unused outwith State function. A sermon in silence. Translated.


“re-imagining the past in order to interrogate the present”

In silence, legs give way, legs to stand on, standing on the back of history, the history, the manifest destiny, a controlling ego lays claim to. Robber barons of time and space, playing at Gods, but only too human in their despairing land grab for psychic space and security, in the face of the terror of silence and not ever being in Control…

here…the plans for the building are buried under the building. To get them you must destroy the building….



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