vortex shedding


Two radio shows. One about printing out a body. The other about creating a false identity. In the first the process of vascularity. Printing false tubes within layers of cells and then erasing them, leaving the space for veins to grow. They also speak about phantom bodies and potential head transplants indicating that a homunculus preformation exists, where brain function awareness, considers functional appendages to exist “closer to home”, in visions similar to homunculus mappings. Closer and larger. Fulfilling a need…to be..
to become…

From this we draw a magickal equation of preformation. Something from nothing is the space being made for something to be. Almost a pressure of forces, giving birth to a concept, forcing something to exist out with its initial womb or egg sac carrier. The feeling of waiting for something to arise. To materialize from thought form, from implication. The guilt money of the serendipities. Sacrificial spending of seed beds, fertilising the mandragora. Earth body art. Information rippling through the axis of space and time… behind the canvas. Some inverted trompe l’oeil. Shadow forms. The forced entry of impatient misleadings.

How you, yourself, as a false identity, grown from a dead self…inculcate shadow forms, dark works and unlit showings. You contaminated your own birthing with your inpatient self…itching with Desire, raping yourself before you are ready. Torn asunder… running up that building.

The Vision of Zosimos, who changed into the opposite of himself. He asserted that the Fallen Angels taught the arts of metallurgy to the woman they married
(obsidian black mirror)
… the abused angels of Sodom and Gomorrah.


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