Later…where b’s become 5’s


The perverse rewriting of the naff section of second hand shops…the easy listening…the book bins….spills out into everyday life. Some take on the guise of soundtrack musical performers, one off collections by TV entertainers, potboilers, romances. You stepped in here and claimed a space….one step away from being an exotic rarity…a garden escape from the good homes spilling down quarry walls in a flow of colour and release….where no one looks, where no one sees you….where lax animals leave trails….evidence of presence…

You need good knees down here….where the lost characters congregate in new wordings…where hints are dropped and no one picks them up…language guides, last chances…

We were guessing which road we were on, where it could possibly lead, there were no street signs but there were indicators signalling in the darkness….turns to be made. A sunset could tell you everything…a story blew in on the wind…a distant cracking sound as the frame of experience expands and contracts as if alive to things…the framed experience that was put up to cover a stain or a peeling wall…or your tracks. Some distantly recollected issue unattended to and ignored under the hand me down. This lost congregation singing holy songs of devotion to their situation…as if sound would release them…

She was annoyed I broke her concentration….she said she was trying to hear two sounds at the same time…I suggested she break down choruses, partials, intervals….moving sensory input in and out of focus and relationship…just like us…one finger held before a landscape of background…foregrounding the singular against the universal….


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