In The Humdrum

a weird seller…on the hoof…employed as a distributor of images and words found in the everyday…a noted nature poet confirms this skill of moving in the unrest and stilling it…
‘In The Humdrum’

Scoring in the Scriptorium…the field of play….erasing personal inscriptions….meditation techniques to find off switches and keys to doors. In here we inhere…negating experience…exploring being explored…the exploring…sentences without subjects.

I said the peeling tree was like poetry, the falling leaves were pages of wordings and phrases caught in moments. One had to STILL…

“for the gate to make this connection, it must disconnect from its hinges.”

“where have I been?”

The human race is more than deluded…it has been thinking wrong.

The only way out of this rabbit hole is to read the information being spoken by the terrain, the walls, the elements and perhaps doors or locks will open…rusty old latches…corroded ferrous bolts of consciousness….
we can go through to another tunnel and out beyond the fence…

and those things that impinge on me…the negative space in the shadows and lines that hint, that suggest at an existence beyond the mere body into the mind….beyond the mind’s eye into an experience….
IT finds you, it makes you, it is like no Other because it does not depend upon YOU. You happen because of it, you become it, you ARE it. It is you.  All the equations of relationship to Desire are best served by it’s functioning…




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