Again….I feel like someone has broken into my house. Or some thing. Perhaps a host of them…a flow of leaks…and which house?

Have they taken anything? Maybe they left something…a trace.  Revenge burglary….watergate. The disorder seems familiar and untouched. There could be evidence anywhere. You draw a bodyline around the incorporeal intrusion…the border breach…the state of tension. It’s all Deleuzian falling…hanging like curling dried out remnants of a condemnation. There is no disease just a weakening border or edge. Your blinds slightly upset….the door feels wrong. Inside you sense strange smells. Areas are speaking to you. Where are the dogs? Why do they not call out?

They forced through measures in order to handle the situation. Night after night.. The Guitar Man. He brings hogweed seed in with his shoes. The unspeakable depths of a haunting dream worm…bubbling under…eighteen with a bullet…counting down this week’s chart in reverse order…

The hotel corridor as dreamscape…where does this fit into your memory palace? What “royal” lineage produced you…?

The wee wee hours they warned us about, where hungry night overcomes us…where thin membrane is pierced…it’s too late…

Into the Shallows…the transition phase…where river meets edge…

“He found himself passing through…pockets of energy.  Where things broke down.  They come in and said they could do repairs…as if there was some golden age. The fabric was almost immaterial in these pockets but the belief was strong…so passing through was not…an easy matter…

The landscape is a self portrait…the path is an art gallery. THIS is how writing can Invert…the landscape is a self-portrait….

He found flying was “not impossible”. If he squatted low for a while to capture moments (fuel) and rose quickly and proceeded to walk, the light-headedness felt like he was lifting off the ground…raised by his shoulders…in the angelhood…

But the fuel? The body was a machine? it needed fuel? What was the fuel?
Food? The history of biochemical food consumption and its effects on culture through the effects on the body as machine…the mind as…


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