When I use the term #Inversion on facebook I get a feed full of yoga positions.

When I use the term I refer to an art process of inverting image to negatives and invoking new representations and leaking the bleed through from dreams. I like Foucault’s reference to Inversion and also its use with other philosophers.

(Foucault mentions inversion at 7:42)

I think Deleuze is built on it. It’s a variation of the experience of detournement and surrealism. It’s also a way of thinking backwards or reverse engineering the construction of thought and logic….a problem solving process…eventually a creative process…a ready application…

I have tried using it in various mediums and media…language, writing, sound, music…it works best in it’s original application with imagery, rearranging the set and setting and emotional reaction to complementary colours switching….

Of course this is good in the question/answer equation….the factors and functions rearrange….the question exposed and explored before an answer can form…the absence of an answer is it’s own significant shadow trace of an image….an unexposed negative….

“start (verb)
14.   to rouse (game) from its lair or covert; flush.



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