Stewart Lee and Alan Moore   Pondering identity fluidity…the seeking of myths in a Brexit Culture … Vikings, Britons, Romans, druids, slaves. Watching Stewart Lee tell Alan Moore about the spaces, in his performance and online presence, where he hears the Noise of the Room (a straight man), playing up to the response, becoming who […]

¬†Lost in the dream landscapes, variations on space translated through the psychic, filtered ¬†through other cities and villages. Buses get lost and reverse, taking backstreets as if bicycles. It feels like 100 years ago. Dockland confluences, dead streets. Barren, demolished industrial areas, now concrete prairies, gridded with the street patterns. You drive here into emptiness […]

Above The scent of the senescent Valerian is wild… …even in ridicule and criticism they need you … they asked for YOU… you are a product of them… but just like the table rappers you hear calling, they are really YOU all along. You came here as much as you were brought here. ..old friends […]

Looking at the origin of stones and stories. Things inherent in our landscape and experience. Things underneath, bubbling, fermenting, potions and oils in hot water pools, capped by heavy monitor Stones made from haggis and various seeds, leaching into the main water. We adapt the surroundings and it’s contents to our Will and we to […]

(After the literary hour on Sunday radio.) Traders, becoming raiders. Trade is a conversation through journeying and passage. Language is a trade in sound and meaning. A translation….of histories written in the tongue of the dominant nations. The difference between a Scottish and English history. An aboriginal Australian perspective on an unknown history. European […]

…discussing the “non-memory” theory in dreams and being cut off…a port of call with old friends….introductory rambles…conversations ended before completion by events….trying out “non-memory” relationships in dreams “non-memory” does not mean amnesia…it is relating on recognition patterns for survival….there is no self or mind with its makeup bag of memory identity…I rewrite my past with […]

Two radio shows. One about printing out a body. The other about creating a false identity. In the first the process of vascularity. Printing false tubes within layers of cells and then erasing them, leaving the space for veins to grow. They also speak about phantom bodies and potential head transplants indicating that a homunculus […]